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Space Maintainers

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Space Maintainers

Space Maintainers

What is a space maintainer???

A space maintainer is an appliance that is custom-made by a dentist or orthodontist in acrylic or metal material. It can be either removable or cemented in a child's mouth.

What purpose does it serve???

Its purpose is to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place.

How it is fabricated??

After extraction of the teeth,the space present is recorded by taking impression in the first visit and the space maintainer is custom fabricated and cemented in the second visit.

Can this be done for the upper front teeth ??

Yes it can be done for the upper front teeth provided the age of child less than 5 year.

Can this space maintainer removed by the patient ??

Needs removable by the dentist once the new permanent teeth come into place.