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Stainless steel crowns | Tooth Colored crowns | Strip crowns

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Stainless steel crowns

The stainless steel crown (SSC) is an extremely durable restoration with several clear-cut indications for use in primary (milk) teeth following a root canal treatment ; for teeth with developmental defects or large carious lesions involving multiple surfaces where filling can’t with stand
(carious lesions in between teeth)

Tooth Colored crowns

Zirconia crowns

Tooth colored crowns (Zirconia)are available for kids for the front teeth as well as for the molars.Much durable and long lasting when compared to the conventional strip crowns.

Strip crowns

Aesthetics matter - even for kids. Also primary dentition should remain intact for as long as possible. In the case of heavy caries or tooth trauma the Strip Crowns can help to restore the upper anteriors in a highly aesthetic way. These are preformed celluloid strips which are restored with tooth colored composite materials and they are very esthetic. The only disavantage is that they are not strong enough to withstand heavy biting forces and may chip or break off easily .These crowns are very technique-sensitive and needs good co-opeative capability from the child.