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Child Dentistry

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What is Early Childhood Caries???

Early Childhood Caries is defined as the presence of one or more decayed (non-cavitated or cavitated lesions), missing (due to caries) or filled tooth surfaces in any primary tooth in a preschool-age child between birth and 71 months of age.

What are the causes???

Bottle feeding at night and at will breast feeding and improper oral hygiene practices are the most common causes of this type of cavities.

What can be done???

In early stages, it is preventable and reversible
In later stages, we need to go for full mouth rehabilitiation

Why I need to do treatment for milk teeth??

Milk teeth are essential for speech, esthetics, growth and development of children. If untreated,it may affect the upcoming succedanous permanent teeth.Loss of the front teeth may lead to poor social development in children.
In our center, We provide the best rehabilitation of such children by providing treatment under chair side and in general anesthesia .General anesthesia is preferred Only if the child is not young enough to cooperate with the dental treatment in chairside

We are one of the few centers around the city providing tooth colored ceramic crowns for the children and we are proud to say that we revive the divine smiles of kids.